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Efficiency calculator

with physical basic data of bows

There are 2 versions of the Efficiency calculator

The Express version, which is free of charge and the results will be rounded per 10 percent.
And the Professional version, for which only 1 credit per use will be charged, and the results are accurate per 100th of a percent.

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How it works

1 Collect all the data you need. --- 2 Fill out the details. --- 3 Click on calculate.
4 Your desired data will appear. The professional version also sends you a new credit code by email.

Technical Notes

The efficiency of the calculator is limited to a maximum of 95%, since in practice, no bow exists which can exceed this value. The entry of unrealistic values is ignored. Given that this program can be applied to as many bows as possible, there may be found some differences in the induvidual calculations, thus a tolerance in the range of 1-3% may occur. The dynamic system between the bow and the arrow was taken into consideration and includes several variables that may differ by type of bow.

This tool serves the archer to make the Bow-Arrow system as effective as possible.

Modern recurves (metal center section)

Modern recurved bows can reach efficiencies up to 90% and beyond. The resilience of the limbs is higher because of modern processing techniques than at traditional limbs. The range of efficiency is wider at these bows. The efficiency degree should get below 60% with modern recurves.

Traditional recurves (wood center section)

Excellent recurved bows reach values of 80% and above. Due to the limited technical possibilities compared to modern recurved bows, particularly through the relatively heavy structure of the limbs, the traditional recurves should achieve values between 65 and 80%.

Longbows (laminated)

Modern longbows achieve performance levels that are comparable to a recurve. Multiple laminates are stronger than traditional longbows. The effective use with longbows will be between 60 and 80%.

Selfbows and primitive bows

For this category of bows no standard recommendation can be made, because the construction of these bows are very different. English longbows and Viking bows with heavy limbs have a less efficiency than flat bows or horse bows. So the efficiency degree of certain bows can get up to 50%, and very well built ones can even reach values over 70%.


We do not take any responsibility for damages occurred due to the use of this software tool, since bows are designed and built differently. The use of this tool is carried out by the user, and thus a proper use cannot be guaranteed by us. Anyone uses this software tool at his / her own risk.

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