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Quickly you get accurate and detailed information in order to determine the arrows you need. The BowBeaver supports you with the selection, so no more unnecessary searches, no more guesses, no more well-intended advices, but just facts.

Using the BowBeaver efficiency calculator

With the obtained results, you can immediately tell which arrow-weight you need, what energy input the bow has on the arrow, and how changes in the parameters have their immediate influence on the outcome of your system.

Efficiency calculation

Tuning the Bow - Arrow system

The Bow-Arrow system has kept archers busy for many generations. Also the current generation deals with the issue of technical archery processes. If one tries to get the whole thing to the bottom, one quickly reaches ones limits.
Many solutions can be found in relevant literature. However, the common archer will be overwhelmed with mathematical and engineering calculations. Plus it is very complex to calculate the efficiency of bows.
Praxis shows there is a lack of suitable applications. Calculation machineries are not available for most archers, and the complex bow tests consume many financial resources. The basic idea was to create a tool that would be easy to apply in practice and yet could work very precisely.

Why an on-line efficiency calculator?

A large number of archers show interest in the technical procedures of archery. However many archers have no way to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. This efficiency calculator has been designed in a way that it is easy to use by the archer. To avoid the trouble with all kind of data charts, a very special technical process is used which achieves very good results. Because the basic values used for the efficiency calculator never change, the obtained data can be used over and over for comparison. Thus the archer can use its results again and again even after a long time.

Any archer is able to use this tool for very little equipment is needed: a fine scale, a measuring arrow, a bow draw weight scale, and a speed meter. The speed meter (colloquially: Chrony) is commonly available in many clubs or at dealers. Enter the obtained data in the respective column, and with a click you will have the results.

Bow test series

Comparison of data between the TB (Traditionelles Bogenschießen) and the BowBeaver

Edition TB



Bow name Timberpoint Odyssey
Bow type Longbow
Category Modern Longbow
Draw weight in lbs 45
Brace height in inch 8,25
Draw length in inch 26.25
Arrow speed feet per sec 185
Arrow weight in grain 404

Stored Energy in ft-lbs



Kinetic Energy in ft-lbs



Dynamic efficiency degree



Here are 14 more comparisons

Technical Notes

The efficiency of the calculator is limited to a maximum of 95%, since in practice, no bow exists which can exceed this value. The entry of unrealistic values is ignored. Given that this program can be applied to as many bows as possible, there may be found some differences in the induvidual calculations, thus a tolerance in the range of 1-3% may occur. The dynamic system between the bow and the arrow was taken into consideration and includes several variables that may differ by type of bow.

This tool serves the archer to make the Bow-Arrow system as effective as possible.


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